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Adidas Originals store in Belgium

Adidas is a German shoe brand that originated from the family business of brothers Adolf and Rudolf Dassler. They started making shoes in 1920 in Herzogenaurach, a small town near Nuremberg in Bavaria. The Second World War strained relations between the brothers, and by 1948, the rift had grown so wide that they no longer wanted to work in the same company. Brother Rudolf left the company and founded Puma, Adolf Dassler continued under the name Adidas, a reference to his nickname Adi Dassler. Adidas was born!

Adidas as a global player

Adidas quickly grew into an absolute top player on the world stage when it comes to sportswear, sneakers and sports shoes. Along with brands like Nike and Puma, Adidas competes for the title of market leader. The most famous shoe line of the brand is the Adidas Originals. Great-fitting shoes with a casual look that are excellent for both day and night. These shoes offer great comfort and give you the casual look that goes with any outfit. With Adidas originals for men and women, you are assured of perfect walking comfort and a great fit.

Adidas shoes Belgium

You can order Adidas shoes for men in Belgium at Ultimate Sneaker Store. We have a large sneaker collection that always includes the most iconic models, so you can look fashionable. The Adidas shoes for men are innovative, a bit urban and they offer perfect grip and cushioning. The same applies to the Adidas originals for women. Choose a retro style or opt for urban, depending on what occasion you need shoes for. Before you know it, you’ll enjoy perfect grip, an anchored fit, perfect cushioning and much more.

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