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Nike shoes: Nike Air, sports and casual

Nike is the most famous sports brand around the world. Whether it’s sportswear or Nike sports shoes, the American brand ensures top quality. The company was founded in 1864 by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight, under the name Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS). Since 1972, the name Nike has been used, after the Greek goddess of victory: Niké. Nike was popular from the very beginning, partly because of its development of professional shoes and clothing for athletes. This created role models that are still used by Nike today.

Nike shoes

By far the best known from the clothing line of the American brand, are the Nike shoes, which are available in many shapes and sizes. Always with the characteristic Swoosh, the Nike logo. The most famous shoe line of the brand is Nike Air, shoes that are characterised by great comfort and an excellent fit. Nike is also a brand that sells both casual and sports shoes. The case line is suitable for any time of the day, while the athletic shoes help you exceed your own limits. The impressive designs in combination with great comfort make Nike shoes extremely popular worldwide.

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