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Stüssy, the perfect shoe for outdoor enthusiasts

Robey was founded in Southern California in 1975. Starting out as a surf brand, it has since grown into a versatile clothing brand that is especially popular among outdoor enthusiasts. Its founder Shawn Stüssy is a well-known surfer, who actually got into the clothing business by accident. He signed his surfboards during his career, and not much later, he did the same with t-shirts and other garments. This became so popular that more and more people became enthusiastic about Stüssy and the demand for more clothing was born. Especially in the streetwear and hip-hop scene, Stüssy clothing took a huge flight and this has not changed to this day.

Stüssy for outdoor enthusiasts

Stüssy’s clothing is best suited to tough men and women who often go outdoors. The signature clothes feature striking patterns, cool graphics and vibrant colours. Ideal for any outdoor occasion, a cool festival or just a fun party. Stüssy is known for the high-quality raw materials it uses in the production of its clothing. This means you can be sure that your new items will last a long time. Quality, comfort and beautiful designs, that’s what Stüssy stands for.

Stüssy at Ultimate Sneaker Store

For a long time, Stüssy focused mainly on all kinds of clothing such as jackets, sweaters, t-shirts, shorts and pants. But for a few years now, the brand has also been focusing on shoes. Collaborations were sought with Nike, which allowed Stüssy to present some cool variations on the popular Nike Air. You can of course find this brand’s shoes at Ultimate Sneaker Store, your address in Belgium for buying Stüssy. Our product specialists know like no other when there are updates in the collection, so you are always the first to know about new fashion items. Choose something tough, choose Stüssy.

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