Arte Antwerp


Arte Antwerp: Belgian quality fashion

Arte Antwerp stands for a revolution in the world of clothing. Fashion from your own country is the best there is, especially when it comes to a great mix of contemporary artistic expression and the presence of multiple subcultures. A big name at Arte Antwerp Clothing is Bertony da Silva. This cool design has a deep-rooted background in graphic design and this is immediately evident in the cool prints and designs of Arte Antwerp. The result? A clothing line that will amaze you and that you’ll be proud to show off to your friends or family.

Exchange of ideas

Arte Antwerp was founded in 2009 with the idea that concepts and ideas should be exchanged between designers. Reflect on each other and encourage each other to shape the creative landscape even more. The Belgian brand therefore aims to build a bridge between different communities. And by doing so, also crossing visible or invisible borders. Arte Antwerp is for a broad group of people that dare to speak out and just want to be themselves. Unconstrained and without judgment, you wear what you want with Arte Antwerp clothes.

Arte Antwerp store

Ultimate Sneaker Store is the place to be in Belgium for your Arte Antwerp clothing. With us you will find a current collection that is constantly updated with new items, as soon as they are released. The Arte Antwerp clothing is timeless and characterised by spectacular designs. Bright colours, interspersed with white or black surfaces, these clothes pull out all the stops in terms of graphic design. Are you ready for the revolution in the world of clothing? Do you prefer to walk the streets in clothes from a real Belgian fashion brand? Then Arte Antwerp is the best possible choice for you!

Arte Antwerp: fashion since 2009