Gramicci clothing: pioneer and innovation

Gramicci is an exceptional fashion brand founded in 1982 by American climber Mike Graham. At the time, he was an avid mountaineer from Yosemite, California. He went into the mountains as often as he could, but one thing frustrated him: at that time, there were almost no comfortable clothes on the market that also looked good. This had to change, so Graham founded Gramicci. High-quality Gramicci clothing that is perfect for rugged outdoor sports, but just as easily and casually worn in the big city.

The foundation of Gramicci clothing

When the American brand was founded, the goal was to design comfortable and fashionable clothing that you could wear in many situations. Now, more than 30 years later, Gramicci has grown considerably, but has not lost sight of that goal. Indeed, the clothing is still inspired by the search for freedom through movement. In all of this brand’s clothing, you can see a combination of fashion and outdoor sports. Gramicci Clothing is not very well known in Belgium yet, but we expect this to change soon. The versatility of the brand means that there really is something for everyone.

Pioneer and innovation

As a clothing brand, Gramicci is known as a pioneer in the fashion world. In addition, the brand is praised for its innovation in the outdoor industry. Clothing is often mentioned in the same breath as ‘experiencing freedom in nature’. From shorts to sweaters and from t-shirts to pants, you will find a wide range of Gramicci clothing at Ultimate Sneaker Store. We ensure that the range is kept up to date, so you are always the first to know about new fashion items from this American brand.

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