Dr. Martens


Dr. Martens shoes and boots in Belgium

Dr. Martens is a German fashion brand founded in 1947 in Seeshaupt. The founder, Dr. Klaus Märtens, was a military doctor during the Second World War. When he injured his ankle on a ski trip during his leave, he later noticed that the standard army boots were very uncomfortable. Reason for Märtens to design a custom boot for himself. This soon became such a success that shoe brand Dr. Martens was born. To this day, the design has remained virtually the same: a lace-up boot with a coarse sole. Ideal for anyone looking for tough, stylish boots with great comfort.

Dr. Martens shoes

From the outset, the German brand’s boots and shoes were popular with police officers, postmen and factory workers. In short, especially with people who had to stand or walk for a long time. Over time, the popularity of boots and shoes has grown. Today, Dr. Martens is for anyone who wants to look stylish. Whether you choose classic boots, low lace-ups or sandals, with Dr. Martens, you can’t go wrong. The Dr. Martens shoes are available in hundreds of shapes and sizes with a variety of prints and colours. So there’s sure to be a model that’s right for you.

Combine with Dr. Martens

The timeless designs of this German shoe brand also make the boots and shoes incredibly versatile. Do you want to look good for a party? No problem. For a long day when you have to walk a lot: Dr. Martens. Or are you just heading out for a casual stroll? Even then, these shoes fit perfectly. The advantage of this Dr. Martens footwear is that it combines perfectly with various outfits. Dare to be yourself and stand out with a cool and stylish look thanks to the boots and shoes of Dr. Martens.

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