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Quality clothing from Belgium: Eat Dust

Eat Dust is a thoroughly Belgian denim brand, founded in 2010 by good friends Rob Harmsen and Keith Hioco. These Antwerp gentlemen spent their youth on the skateboard, with a heavy dose of punk rock. This caused Harmsen and Hioco to develop a considerable do-it-yourself mentality. From that line of thought, Eat Dust was born. Although the founders had experience in the fashion world, including experience at Diesel and G-Star, it was time to change tack. To design East Dust clothing that was unique, not mainstream, but special: Eat Dust.

Unleash the rebel in you

Eat Dust clothing is designed with the mindset of Rob and Keith in mind. Stubborn and rebellious, so the range is quite diverse. In Eat Dust’s clothing, you will find influences of old western movies, the army, Americana, the motorcycle world, different music movements and, of course, the skate scene. All these influences make Eat Dust’s clothing unique, stylish and ultra-modern. Eat Dust jackets and t-shirts are suitable for the people who dare to unleash the rebel in themselves, people who dare to be themselves and want to be vocal about it. Be yourself, wear Eat Dust!

Quality clothing from Eat Dust

The designs of the Belgian clothing brand are spectacular and this is combined with the highest quality. Indeed, quality, integrity and originality are the spearheads of Eat Dust. The t-shirts and jackets are not made in faraway Asian countries; the development and production take place in Europe. Where craftsmanship, tradition, expertise, respect and human dignity come together in beautiful harmony. And besides, the nearby development of Eat Dust’s clothing also makes working together a lot easier. Choose quality and cool designs with the t-shirts and jackets from Eat Dust.

Eat Dust: unleash the rebel in you! Discover the new collection!