Autry Sneakers & Shoes


Autry sneakers & shoes

Since its foundation, Autry has been commonly known for ‘the US flag shoe’. And even today, the stars and stripes are often incorporated in the designs of this American shoe brand. In 1982, Autry got significant brand awareness thanks to a few special technical and design innovations. With the help of some technological highlights, it wasn’t long until they had developed a line of shoes for various sports: tennis, running and aerobics. They have been around quite a few years by now, but nothing has changed when it comes to quality and technology: Autry is a forerunner!

Timeless shoes

The shoes created by the American fashion brand have a sleek look and a timeless design. This makes them perfect to combine with any outfit. Whether you choose an active outfit for your daily workout, or a casual look on a beautiful summer’s day. The characteristic designs, white with the US flag, will fit your wardrobe perfectly. Choose quality and get yourself some Autry sneakers, from one of the most well-known and best-selling sneaker brands in North America.

Autry at Ultimate Sneaker Store

Ultimate Sneaker Store is always looking for the best sneakers and shoes on the market. It goes without saying that we can’t leave out a top brand like Autry. We offer the biggest collection of Autry sneakers in Belgium for the sharpest prices. Our product specialists are always on top of any developments with the brand, so that you will be the first to know about new offers and collections.
Choose your favourite model, design and size and enjoy the perfect fit and timeless design of these American sneakers.

Autry sneakers stand for quality and a timeless design. Naturally, the US flag shoes are available at Ultimate Sneaker Store, the best shop for sneakers and shoes in Belgium.