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Clarks Top Quality

Clarks shoes are among the very best on the market. They combine the current fashion trends with craftsmanship. Globally, Clarks is the biggest manufacturer of shoes for everyday use. Every year, they sell no less than 50 million pairs of shoes. And all of these people are enjoying the craftsmanship, wearing comfort and high quality of this English shoe brand. Ground-breaking designs, beautiful innovations and always according to the latest fashion trends, that’s what this shoe brand stands for.

Clarks: innovation and craftsmanship

Almost 200 years ago, in 1825, Clarks was founded by the brothers Cyrus and James in the English county of Somerset. They started with designing a sheepskin slipper: the first example of innovation and craftsmanship. Back then it was already truly revolutionary, but essentially the brand has never changed. Craftsmanship is still an important value, just like innovative technologies and modern materials. Another thing that has never changed: the hand-carved shoe last made of hornbeam wood.

Clarks is getting more and more modern

Of course, Clarks is moving along with the fast developments in the world of fashion. For example, Ultimate Sneaker Store also offers the models from the English shoe brand in half sizes. Aside from that, Clarks has developed a special iPad-meter for kids’ feet. And the brand excels at innovative, hidden foot pads, and even 3D-printing for shoes. At Ultimate Sneaker Store, we always sell the latest models, made with the newest techniques. Do you also want to experience the optimal combination of craftsmanship and innovation? Get yourself some Clarks shoes.

The English fashion brand Clarks combines craftsmanship and innovation in all their shoes. At Ultimate Sneaker Store, we have a large range of Clarks shoes, so that you will be able to experience their quality yourself.