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Puma sneakers at Ultimate Sneaker Store

Isn’t it amazing that one little village is the home of two gigantic shoe brands? This is the case in Germany, in Herzogenaurauch to be exact. The brothers Dassler started their shoe company in this little town in Bavaria in 1920. The company started out small, but it wasn’t long before it became popular. Until the start of World War II. The brothers grew apart, and once the war was over their bond could not be fixed. The result? Brother Adolf founded Adidas and Rudolf left in 1949 to found the brand Puma. And even today, both companies have their home base in the small German town in Bavaria.

Everyone knows Puma

There can’t be a lot of people on earth who have never heard of the brand Puma. The shoes are well-known for their sporty look and their perfect comfort. Trainers or sneakers for everyday wear, the models fit perfectly. The big advantage of Puma is that just about every shoe is available in dozens of varieties. Choose your favourite colour combination and give your outfit a real personal touch.

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