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Are you looking for a new revolutionary trend on the shoe market? Go ahead and join the Stepney Workers Club. This unisex shoe brand is from East London and produces fantastic shoes with a timeless design. The classic shoes are available in various colours and are made of various materials. One of the first models released by the Stepney Workers Club was a canvas sneaker with a vulcanised sole. This shoe was the foundation of the story of the English brand, that is ongoing to this day.

Freedom of sport, freedom of thought

The motto of Stepney Workers Club is clear: inclusivity and unity are given high priority. You can also clearly see this in the history of the brand. In the 20’s, the Stepney Workers Sports Club was a club in England. This sports club was always explicitly antifascist and anti-war. What’s more, everyone was welcome and unity between different people was the most important thing, which was special in those days. The English shoe brand has always kept this history in mind, and that’s why their sneakers and shoes are unisex.

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One of the most popular models of the Stepney Workers Club is the Dellow, a beautiful sneaker that is available in many different versions. Choose your favourite colour and the material for the shoes (such as canvas, leather or suede). At Ultimate Sneaker Store, you will find an up-to-date range of Stepney Workers Club shoes. We are always adding the latest models to this collection, so that you will always look your best. Because the best thing about these sneakers is that they combine perfectly with any outfit: from casual look to luxurious clothing.

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