The sizing of Karhu shoes runs small.
When ordering, it is best to take a half to a full size larger


KARHU Sneakers: Ortix Fit, HeraFit and HiVo

Ab sportartiklar Oy started in 1916 with a small workshop in Helsinki producing local products such as skis, discuses and javelins. They soon also expanded to running shoes, for people like Ville Ritola and Hannes Kolehmainen, also known as the Flying Finns. Four years later, in 1920, the company changed its name to Karhu, the Finnish word for bear. Since then, the brand has grown considerably and its shoes are known worldwide. Among other things, the popularity of Paavo Nurmi, winner of 9x Olympic gold, has contributed to this, as he faithfully used Karhu shoes.

Karhu sneakers for women and men

Nowadays, Karhu stands for much more than just running shoes. The range has expanded considerably over the years. Karhu sneakers for women and men have been added to the collection, which gets a fresh update every year. Karhu’s sneakers look flashy, have high comfort and are ideal for everyday use. Karhu shoes are characterised by the perfect cross between a running shoe and a regular sneaker, equipped with bright colours. Besides a very nice shoe to walk on, Karhu also stands for sleek designs that you can be seen with.

Ortix Fit and Karhu

Karhu shoes are all about comfort and an optimal fit. That’s why the brand has developed Ortix Fit in collaboration with retail partners. Ortix refers to the geometry of the midsole, the volume of the upper and the overall dimensions. Karhu has analysed no less than 2 million foot scans, so the Finnish brand knows exactly what the average foot looks like: the Ortix Fit. This has since been further developed into HiVo, the perfect fit for men, and HeraFit, a specific fit for women.

You can’t go wrong with Karhu sneakers for women or men, find out for yourself!